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I perform. I create. I make experiences.

Making whimsical, fantastical, and weird worlds where others can explore and play.


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I am an interactive, immersive, movement, and physical performer. My background is in immersive-interactive theater, circus, street performing, physical theater, and tabletop roleplaying games.Past credits include co-founding and devising with Yes Ma’am Circus, devising and performing with Theater Unspeakable, performing and designing for Thickett, and work with Alterra Productions (Formerly Cirque du Nuit), Pseudonym Productions, Stefan Boublil, Acrobatica Infiniti, and more. I trained under Marie Andreé Robitaille at Circus Sessions, an artistic workshop in Toronto, Ontario, and completed The Actor’s Gymnasium Professional Training Program in Evanston, IL.I am also an Actual Play performer in streamed tabletop RPG games.

Myriam as Georgie in Thickett


Myriam as Amelia in Dark Passage by Pseudonym Productions

Question Reality & Dark Passage

Myriam as The Windy Statue

The Windy Statue

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Making Experiences

I work collaboratively to create whimsical, fantastical, and weird experiences. Inspired by the adventures and stories of my childhood, I craft memorable and magical experiences by drawing from myths, urban legends, and my love of puzzles and adventure.I write and run intimate tabletop roleplaying campaigns. I design puzzles and ARGs. And I am part of the team that creates and runs thedigital transmedia immersive game-theater experience Thickett, from Alterra Productions.My work is informed by my background in the indie video game industry, tabletop roleplaying games, and interactive immersive productions both large and small.


Thickett Logo

By Alterra Productions

Thickett is a virtual immersive quest, where players are "hired" by a long-standing megalith of a corporation, called Thickett, to assist their departments in re-framing fairy tales in their own images. It's an online experience that blends standard online platforms and innovative digital spaces to encourage personal interaction and open-world exploration.It ran from October 2020 through July of 2022 over three seasons, and a fourth season is planned. Thickett allows players to connect with and influence the world, creating a dynamic space where the audience has a lasting impact.As a founding creator and performer for Thickett, I helped build, run, and perform in the experience in the following ways:

  • World Builder

  • Narrative and Story Designer

  • Lead Puzzle Designer

  • Art Director

  • Level Designer

  • Artist

World Building - Creating the world of Thickett and the Story Realm, we built the rules, laws, mysteries, and wonders of the world of Thickett, determining how best to blend fairy tales and corporate culture into an enticing universe for audience to explore.Narrative and Story Design - Working closely with a dedicated team, we crafted both the small and large picture of the stories of Thickett. We worked from existing fairy tales to build multi-path quests for audiences to interact with, solve, and put their own mark on by writing the final version. We also wrote and maintained larger, arching narratives that built up over the course of separate quests to tell character-driven tales that culminated at the end of each season. We carefully balanced pacing, consistency, lore, and audience input to create a satisfying and immersive story for audiences to delve into.Puzzle Design - With a small team, I oversaw the creation and implementation of a range of puzzles. Using a variety of techniques drawn from the world of puzzle ARGs, we developed casual puzzles meant to be solved within a single session to larger puzzle arcs that spanned the length of the season. These longer puzzles, the heart of the ARG, were solved between shows to deliver additional story and information about the world of Thickett. We delivered these puzzles through multiple platforms including email, discord, Topia, websites, and physical mail.Level Design - Built multiple maps for each Quest, leveraging my knowledge of user experience and pathing to make the maps intuitive to navigate. These maps gave audience members a whimsical world to explore while supporting the story and missions of each Quest.Art - As Lead Artist and Art Director of Thickett, I developed the whimsical, pencil-drawn style used for the story realm, that both emphasized the playful tone of the game and evoked storybook illustrations. I also created a cohesive visual identity and direction for the experience, including branding, logos, and promotional materials. Over the course of three seasons, I oversaw and created both art and assets for more than 80 worlds, 17 stories, and multiple outside events.

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About Me

Alex Andrews
Alex Andrews

Myr Bloom

I am a Performer, and experience designer with a focus on collaborating to design worlds, narrative, characters, and puzzles.I create the whimsical, fantastical, and weird to bring magic into people’s lives. Inspired by the adventures and stories of my childhood, I look to myths, urban legends, and my love of puzzles and adventure to craft memorable and magical experiences.I have performed in and draw from devised work, street performing, circus shows, and immersive works. I also draw on my experience in the video game industry, tabletop role playing games, and interactive immersive productions.If you ask nicely, you can get me on a tear about the importance of contrast in experiences and narratives.

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